things to know before coming to Zanzibar

hello Guys, 

on this post we will give you our insider tips on what is recommended to pack with you when coming to Zanzibar. 

first thing which is important to know is that if you are planning to use US dollars during your visit in Zanzibar they only accept USD notes from the 2006 edition and higher (to be on the safe side it's even recommended to bring only the newest edition of the notes as seen in below picture) 

top: old series note, bottom: new edition note.

top: old series note, bottom: new edition note.

our second advice to you when thinking what to pack for Zanzibar is to remember to pack your sun protection cream with you.  most of the brands which are sold on the beach are not real SPF and you might find yourself having a not so nice sun burn.  


our third advise for you when packing for Zanzibar is for the parents in the audience. it's a bit tricky to find here diapers, healthy snacks and children beach toys (like inflatables etc) so better to pack them with you.  

in general its better to pack in advance all you think you are going to need on your holiday and don't plan to buy here anything cause shopping is not Zanzibar's strong suite. 

but the beaches are :) 



looking forward to seeing you in Zanzibar

on our next post will tell you about the best parties on Zanzibar island. so... stay tuned :)

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here we're going to share with you valuable tips for your visit in Zanzibar, such as what to pack when coming to visit in Zanzibar, where to party, cool places to visit and much more !

you're welcome to comment and ask questions and we'll reply your answers regarding your visit to Zanzibar in our upcoming posts.

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